Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Yes. It has been an extremely long time away from the blogging world. And as the last post stated, I never intended to leave and never come back. Where and how do I do this? I'm just going to jump right in with today. And today seems like an appropriate day to start.

We went downtown to The Houston Museum of Natural Science this morning for the kid's science classes they have been attending once a month this school year. Jacob's class gets to do dissection now and again (sheep eye, chicken foot, sea urchin) and today was the lovely flower. Michael learned about the silk moth today. I asked him why he didn't save the silk and he said he thought it was gross and looked like mud (I think he said mud). When I asked Rachel what she learned about, she said, "skeletons" and I think that's all I'll get from her, but she is adorable sitting in her seat so well behaved.

Normally we spend the rest of the day wandering the museum after the kids finish up. But today after lunch we were spontaneous and went with friends to the zoo. This was the BEST day for the Houston Zoo. Apparently no one in Houston goes to the zoo when it is 40 degrees out (laugh it up). Happily, I haven't cleaned my car out recently and was able to scrounge up a pair of little mittens, two jackets, two coats and a big warm fuzzy blanket. My kids were not going to be cold, which makes me think, who should be cleaning out the van?

I laughed so hard. My friend Audrey has the most entertaining children. I don't know if it was because we really did have the entire zoo to ourselves (besides seeing the missionaries from our church) that our kids just absorbed the nature of their surrounding and let the inner wild animals out. It really was my favorite trip to the zoo. And holy cow! The sea lion meet the keeper talk was so fantastic. They've really turned up the notch since the last time I'd seen it. If I were an animal, I'd be a sea lion.
We told them just to pretend the wind tunnel was on, but now that I look at there picture, it looks like a cage and they've broken out of!

As we left the zoo, I made a call to find out how surgery went for Janae. Janae's family and Steve's family grew up together and she was diagnosed with a brain tumor two weeks before our Sarah was.

This was my first time back in the Medical Center since Sarah's passing. I just shouldn't know my way around down there. Part of me was hoping I'd make a wrong turn navagating in and out of there. I knew exactly what lanes to be in, where to turn, with zero stress that I was driving in rush hour.

While we were making our way up to Janae's room in St. Lukes Hospital, Michael kept saying, "We've been here, mom. This is where the trains are." I kept saying no, I don't think so, until we passed the hospital's McDonalds. Wait. I recognize that McDonalds. I didn't remember it being St. Lukes that we'd come across the walkway from Texas Childrens (entering the back side of St. Lukes) and take Sarah and the kids to see the trains or to get Sarah some french fries, one of the things she loved. I'm really glad it was.

After visiting with Janae, we went and visited the trains. I asked Michael if the trains brought back memories and he said, "Yes. And a lot of bad ones that I want to forget." I told him those memories are important to remember also.

This little girl is forever in our hearts and will always be remembered and missed.

Friday, October 5, 2012

My daughter has cancer

I'm not going into details, but figure if I am ever going to blog again, I might as well put this out there now. Please don't post any comments on this blog. If you have an interest and this is news to you, you can go to caringbridge.org. The site name is sarahrosenlund. We post regular updates as it helps to keep love ones in touch and us the support we need at this trying time.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sarah's First Haircut.



I definitely had a moment sadness. I have loved her long curly blond hair. And those tips were her newborn baby hair! And it's three and half years old! {tear} But Sarah was SO happy and having such a great time AND SHE WAS SO MUCH FUN, that the moment really was fleeting.

I loved that I thought of having our hair done at the same time. Sarah asked if I'd go first. She was fascinated in the whole thing, chatting up a storm and sat on her seat for my whole turn. When it was her turn she had zero fear and listen to directions beautifully. 

First cut.

Blowing her hair away from her face. 

And I still think she will have her soft curls when her hair air dries.

Monday, April 30, 2012

April 2012: Baptism, Birthday, Easter and Family

Yes, I keep putting up a lot of pictures. I want to be current in my blogging, but I really just don't want to be blogging:) 

My younger sister, Andrea and her husband Mike came for a visit. We had a packed weekend. They came for the baptism and Mike had some job interviews. 
They are moving to Houston in May. 

The girls were actively helping us in the kitchen. I LOVE IT! 

Rachel cuddles are the best. 

We were given a 3/4 dirt bike from a neighbor who's kids are all grown. We took it out to Steve's parents' house (in the process of being built) and gave the kids rides. There are some little trails down the road in the woods. It is a fun little bike, even if you don't know what you are doing ;)

Michael was baptized! It was a great baptism. Thanks everyone for contributing. 

  Side note: Congratulations Corey and Becky on your engagement.

Yup, Rachel's kissing eggs. 

Aunt Andrea's birthday fell on Easter this year. We barricaded her in and gave her breakfast in bed.
Happy Birthday, sis.


These two cousins are such great friends. 

It cracks me up that we had this supper cute Easter egg hunt for the three little girls, Sarah, Rachel and their cousin Lily. They were so cute and we got some great pictures as they were going around the lush green front yard excitedly gathering eggs. 
We set up a Easter egg hunt for the boys, Jacob, Michael and cousin Mark in the backyard. They are older and need more of a challenge. I love that we did the two hunts. But the boys' was so picture pathetic. First, they all had changed out of their Sunday clothes. I had even gotten the boys new pants and ties for Easter. Second, our backyard is hickishly ugly. Grass struggles to grow and we're storing our four wheeler under a tarp behind the garage. Third, my big boys were so fast! Steven took a picture of me chasing boys with the camera. 

Yummy Easter dinner.

Andrea's birthday cake. I made an ice cream brownie cake. 

Mike's been welcomed into the band. He brought his mandolin and was jamming to bluegrass with Steven and Dave.
(and no, that's not our baby grand piano. we're just babysitting it.)